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Throughout the years, the aging process and daily wear and tear, the spine can become misaligned.  A properly shaped spine is critical for nerve signals and blood to flow effectively from the brain to every part of your body.  Due to the bad posture and the daily effects of gravity pulling us down, the body’s muscles may push and pull on different parts of the spine in an attempt to create an open pathway. This typically results in many forms of neck and back pain people experience. Pinched nerves and blood vessels can additionally cause organs to malfunction or wear down quicker over time.

This also leads to many common diseases and conditions, often treated with medication, which just mask the symptom and not the address the root cause.  However, through effective chiropractic care, personal fitness, and proper nutrition people of any age can improve their spinal health and train their bodies to retain the proper form and posture. Vital blood flow and a cleared nervous system can ensure the body functions properly once properly aligned.

We are a goal-oriented and correction based chiropractic office. At our office, we emphasize optimal posture and spinal alignment as the primary goals of chiropractic care while simultaneously documenting improvements in pain and functional based outcomes. Simply put, we want to see you become well and we believe spinal correction is an important and critical step in that process. 

Chiropractic Maintenance

Our maintenance program is geared specifically towards patients looking for relief or wellness visits. If you are having neck pain, back pain, or headaches that have not been chronic and are looking for relief of symptoms, this program is designed for you!

You probably don’t think too much about the force of gravity on your body as you’re walking around each day. It’s just something we all live with. But have you ever paused to consider how gravity is putting stress on your body’s bones, joints and nervous system throughout every minute of every day? After all, gravity keeps our feet on the ground, literally, by pulling our bodies towards the center of the earth. The effects of gravity on your skeletal system can lead to spinal degeneration and arthritic changes. In fact, gravity puts excessive stress on misaligned skeletal systems, which in turn can slowly lead to early degenerative disease and neurological imbalances. With our maintenance plan, you are coming to our office to maintain the current condition of your spine allowing it to stay healthy and functional for as long as possible. Through routine adjustments and therapies in office and at home, you will begin to reverse the effects of everyday life. 

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